You get to make a custom animatronic and Roleplay as it or a night guard.
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 Example of Roleplay

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PostSubject: Example of Roleplay   Sun Aug 09, 2015 2:09 pm

OOC: This is what a Roleplay would look like.

IC: Chico looked around from his spot on the stage. He turned, only to see Brownie and Fredly still on it. He stepped off, searching for his next place to go. The night guard is here yet again, He thought, stepping into the East Hall.

Chico took one small step closer. His parts heavily hit the floor, which alerted the night guard of his presence. He started moaning, ready to leap into the office and kill the night guard. Giving an evil grin, he took a large leap and killed the night guard simply. Dragging the carcass to The Parts and Services, he took a suit and stuffed the night guard inside, before heading to the stage. That was easy.
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Example of Roleplay
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